For awhile now I’ve been kind of worried because I couldn’t get Luke to say his name. I tried a million ways of asking him, “What’s your name?” But every time he kept babbling something that I couldn’t quite figure out (and it definitely wasn’t Luke). One day it finally hit me that Luke WAS saying a name…it just wasn’t the name WE gave him! Guess what Luke says his name is?

YERIS!! Don’t believe me? Watch this video! I guess he thinks he’s Russian!

Don’t ask me where he got it but every time you ask him he always says….YERIS!

Has your little one ever changed their name or someone else’s?

This is my sTORI being written as you read.- Love, Mommy Tori

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  1. Ashley Leona

    My younger sister couldn’t say Ashley until she was seven. So she called me Atlah… I hated it! When she was finally able to say Ashley well, she still kept saying Atlah because that’s what she was used to calling me.

  2. Christina

    9 yr old Mini man always comes up with something new but it’s always things like cool guy or shark boy, never something that’s an actual name. Little Luke is one cultural guy 😉

  3. gmaj

    Hilarious! Yep, you never know what those little ones will come up with next!!

  4. Star Traci

    A-dorable! Maybe he’s saying “yours” like he’s yours. Either way, he’s a cutie!


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