In my opinion every girl needs a good set of make-up brushes. Until you own a set you have no idea what a difference they can make to your make-up application. I recently was thrilled to receive a set of foundation brushes and blending sponges from a brand out of the UK called, Nanshy.

They arrived at the perfect time because I’ve had tons of events lately where I was going to be photographed and I wanted my make-up to look just right. As soon as I started using them I fell in love! I could immediately tell they were top quality and was impressed that they were vegan and 100% cruelty free. But the best part came when I started using them. They are so soft and leave a perfect finish on your face.

IMG_8180-2866116509-O The foundation brush set is really not JUST for foundation. They are for a variety of usages. The set includes the following: Angled Buffer Brush, Flat Angled Buffer Brush, Pointed Brush, Flat Top Buffer Brush, Round Buffer Brush. Not sure what each of these are for? Keep reading…


Angled Buffer Brush: Use for applying bronzer or blush to cheekbones to create a narrower face effect.

Flat Angled Buffer Brush: Apply, distribute and blend your base with precision.

Pointed Brush: Perfect for applying concealer, moisturizer and foundation to specific areas of your face.

Flat Top Buffer Brush: Utilize for powders, blushes and bronzers.

Round Buffer Brush: Excellent for all types of foundations.


The other thing I liked about the brushes is they were very easy to clean. I usually use a bit of shampoo to clean mine so that they are not damaged. I want to emphasize how important it is to take care of your brushes so they stay as good as new!


Their design is so pretty with beautiful pearl colored handles! You can look like a professional make-up artist with them AND have make-up like one as well!

IMG_8216-2866123742-OI had actually never heard of a blending sponge before but I will never go without one again! It really helps to make a flawless finish! Not quite sure how to use a blending sponge? That’s ok – Nanshy has a great blog post to help you (click here).

To purchase your own set of Nanshy brushes click here.

Enter to win a set of Nanshy make-up brushes and blending sponges from The sTORIbook Blog

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photography by sunday sky

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

Disclaimer: I received compensation from Nanshy for this review. All opinions expressed here are my own.

48 Responses

  1. Lyndsey

    I love my make up brushes!!! Would love to win a sponge!!

  2. Leanna French

    I’ve just recently started to really get into a makeup routine, so I’m slowly trying to build my brush collection as well as basic makeup items! These brushes would be a great start!

  3. Rocio

    Good brushes make all the difference – would love to win me these, they look fab!

  4. Rocio

    Good brushes make all the difference – would love to win me these, they look fab!

  5. Mara Yager

    I love trying new brushes and NEED some good ones!!

  6. Sada

    I would LOVE some new brushes! Pampering myself is at the bottom of my to-do list these days so this would be perfect!

  7. Kristen P.

    I definitely need some new brushes! I have such a mishmash collection so it’d be nice to have something matching 🙂

  8. Alexis

    I’d like to win because most of my brushes are reallllllly old. I do clean them regularly, but I’d really feel pampered with a whole new set!

  9. Tammy S.E.

    I can’t believe I lived in the UK and never heard of this brand! I’d love to win this brush set! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  10. Rachel M

    I need a good set of makeup brushes, my sister is on me all the time about this! Thanks for the review, I don’t know where to start when looking to buy some but I do now!

  11. Lydia Joy

    I actually REALLY need to replace some old brushes, so this would be perfect. xx

  12. Margaret Smith

    My brushes aren’t in the best shape anymore.

  13. Nichole Norris

    They look fabulous, a picture perfect canvas starts with a quality brush!

  14. omer bin ziyad

    i really really need those type of brushes. i don’t get these brushes in india here. i hope i get lucky inshallah

  15. Deirdre

    I am an aspiring make-up artist, so this set would be great for my kit, which I am in the process of building.

  16. Michelle

    I’d love to win these brushes to help apply my makeup better. You can never have too many great makeup brushes!

  17. Darlene Carbajal

    I need brushes to apply makeup. I’m tired of using my fingers haha.

  18. Marlene V. (Enelram)

    I really need new brushes — mine really need to be replaced!

  19. Sarah Marshall

    I don’t have a nice set of makeup brushes, but I would love to! I would be blessed to win!

  20. Sara rai

    This review is great:) I need to replace my brushes and currently
    Don’t own any blending sponge. Thanks for the giveaway:)

  21. Tara L

    I love to try different make up products, and I think I am due for a new set of make up brushes so I would love to win them, thanks

  22. mary

    I always struggle to blend my foundation correctly and because of the low quality brushes I used, I would often apply too much makeup that simply did not look good. I used to have acne, and now have scars and I never knew that the brushes I use could help make my skin look flawless again. I would love to win the brushes and learn how to apply my makeup so I feel and look beautiful!

  23. Maegan Morin

    I would love to win them because I have never used brushes like this before! I would love to try them!

  24. Annette

    I haven’t purchased brushes in years and mine are starting to show wear. I’d love to win this beautiful set, so that I could get rid of my current set.

  25. Holli Joren

    I’d like to win these for my niece. I’m pretty basic with my makeup.

  26. Katie K

    my makeup including brushes was stolen so i’d love some brushes to replace those that are gone!

  27. Karen Matlock

    I want to win because I don’t want people to know where my face stops and my neck starts! Haha, and they’re vegan 🙂

  28. Stacey Roberson

    I am trying to win these for my daughter – she has just started to wear makeup and would love these to put on her makeup in the morning.

  29. Lisa Garner

    I would love to win these because I only have one makeup brush currently and could really use a great quality set.


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