The wee hours of the morning. Sometimes I look forward to those hours right when it’s become a new day and lately I find myself frequently working at those hours. Frankly, between my PR company, Luke, household chores and the blog the need for sacrificing sleep is a necessity. But while I’ll spend the following day yawning and rubbing my eyes – I still kind of enjoy those hours.

Those hours are all mine. I can do whatever I want and not feel guilty that I’m not spending time with the family, or cleaning the house, or running errands. It’s my time of brainstorming and creativity. It’s my time of reflection as well as planning. It’s my ME TIME!






Mommy Tori’s Outfit:

Fringe Shawl | Nordstrom (similar)

Skirt | Forever 21

Black Tank | Target

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

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  1. Ashley

    The outfit is perfect!

    And I agree–when you have a kid in the house and a million other things to do, you have to sacrifice something to get it done. I haven’t been strong enough to give up some sleep just yet though, haha!

  2. gmaj

    Sweetie, please stop sacrificing your sleep!! Sleep deprivation is not good for anyone, and particularly you with the schedule you have! I know that is one of your favorite times, and you need the alone time, but do get more sleep. 🙂


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