I have always prayed over my son since the first moment I found out I was pregnant. I’d go on these early morning walks around the neighborhood and I’d just talk to God. I’d talk to him about how grateful and excited I was about this new life inside of me. I’d pray for a healthy baby and safe delivery. I’d pray for assistance as I welcomed this new (slightly terrifying) adventure of motherhood. And I’d even dream about the upcoming future with God, my unseen walking partner.

During the last year as Luke got older I started realizing that it was time for me to start teaching him to pray. But I didn’t know exactly where to start. I want him to understand the power that comes from prayer and I want him to have a relationship with who he is praying to…God. So one night we went through our normal bed time routine…teeth brushing, book reading and then I set Luke in his crib and tucked him in. I then clasped my hands together, closed my eyes and just started praying out loud a very simple prayer,

“Dear Lord, Thank you for my mommy and daddy and all the rest of my family. Please forgive me for my sins. And I love Jesus. Amen.”

By far not the best prayer by any means but I thought it was simple enough for Luke to understand and was a good starting point. For the first couple of days Luke would just giggle at me. And then all of a sudden one night I wrapped up our little prayer and was joined by an enthusiastic, “AMEN!” from Luke! I was elated! Alright…maybe I’m doing this right – I thought to myself.

Now after several months of praying together Luke will clasp his hands, close his eyes and pray with me. Many times adding in things he wants to say thank you for. In the past couple of weeks I’ve thanked Jesus for cars, the dog, snacks and even PLAY-DOH! There is nothing that warms my soul more than knowing my son is on a path to having a relationship with our Lord and Savior!

Here are some sweet photos from our trip to Houston last month to see my Dad and family!


bLuke running to his GiGi!





IMG_5328Fishing with Papa Daddy!











Luke’s Outfit:

Short, shirt, shoes: Target

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

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    • tori@torijohnsonpr.com

      Glad you liked the post and pics! Thank you for reading!

  1. gmaj

    That is precious! Your PaPa Daddy would definitely be proud of the praying and fishing tradition that his granddaughter and his son have started!


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