Happy Father’s Day, Daddy Russ!

Thank you so much for sharing this parenting adventure with me. I love that our life together is filled with overflowing love, countless giggles, at-the-ready hugs, and unending cuddles.

I think back 11 years ago and I was this naive, small-town girl about the be a freshman at Texas A&M and I met YOU. I still remember telling my roommate that you were the type of guy a girl would marry. I think I knew even then that we were meant for each other.

God had this amazing plan for us with our ultimate accomplishment being our beautiful little boy.

You are such an phenomenal father. And you are such a gift to Luke and I.

Happy Daddy Day! You still have the “undying love of a South Texas girl!”


For Daddy Russ’ birthday I told you some fun facts about him (click here to read those). For Daddy Day I thought I would share some fun facts about him as a father!

He was a swaddling master!

He says to me all the time, “I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!” when talking about Luke.

He’s not super crazy about a lot of the outfits that I put Luke in. If it’s up to him Luke would wear jeans, an Aggie shirt and boots every day.

When he walks in the house from work every day, as soon as Luke hears the door open, he runs screaming “DAD!!!” Then Russ usually puts Luke on his shoulders and they run around the house.

He’s super patient with Luke and never raises his voice to him.

He can quote lines from the movie, “Cars.”

He gets sad after the weekend and always says he’s going to miss us when he goes back to work.

The other morning I was still semi asleep and he cuddled up next to me and I heard him whisper, “You are such a good mom.”

He can’t wait until Luke is old enough to take on hunting and fishing trips.

He works super hard every single day so that I can stay home with Luke.

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

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