The other day I got a call from Daddy Russ and he tells me to throw Luke in the car and head about 5 minutes a way because there are some giraffes on the side of the road. I’m sure you can imagine, I was immediately intrigued so I did just that. Off Luke and I went to a street a couple minutes from my house called Borgfeld Road. Sure enough I see a few cars on the side of the road and behind the fence are TWO baby giraffes! Not in a zoo or wildlife ranch….just in someone’s personal ranch!

So we pulled off on the side of the road and fed the giraffes bananas (by the way…they like to eat the peel too!)! Luke thought it was pretty cool until the giraffe’s long black tongue came at him! Such a fun surprise outing with my little man!






This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

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  1. Jackie Kirkindoll

    Sometimes surprise outings turn out to be the best!

  2. Angie Crozier

    This is so neat! One of my favorite animals…. Brings back memories when Cade was a baby. He loved giraffes! Now he’s all grown up, 6’3″ and a sophomore at A&M ….. Enjoy Luke now because they grow up fast. 🙁

  3. Michelle

    How funny, we were there yesterday. My friends live next door and called us over to have the boys say hi to those sweeties. Small world


      Giraffes are really such cool creatures! One of them let me pet it!!


      It was so much fun!! I was like a little kid! I find giraffes to be fascinating!


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