Recently I’ve had a couple people tell me things along the lines of… “You are always doing something!” It’s really true. It feels like Daddy Russ and I are always up to something fun. We love surrounding ourselves with family and friends, trying new restaurants, jamming at concerts, visiting other cities and just truly loving life. That is one way that Daddy Russ and I are so similar…we always love getting out and about! There are so many cool things to experience in life…it’s fun to be able to share them with my two favorite boys!

Here are some pictures of my outfit from a recent night out with friends to a restaurant in San Antonio called Arcade Midtown Kitchen.

Fashion from The sTORIbook

Fashion by The sTORIbook



Jacket | Target

White Tee | Target

Colored Jeans | Nordstrom Rack

Shoes | Guess

Clutch | Vintage

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

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  1. Laney

    Staying busy is always good. Although relaxing is fun too at times. Either way you look at it. Great pics. Trying new things is fun too.


      That is so true. Sometimes those quiet moments are the best as well! And sometimes relaxing is MUCH NEEDED!


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