I’m watching Luke play in the back yard right now. It’s been one of the warmest days so far this year. The Texas sun is baring down on my shoulders and the humidity is so heavy that I find it to be slightly oppressive.

Finally…a warm breeze goes across my face – my hair has begun to stick to my skin right around my forehead. I think to myself I better grab some sunblock.

I glance up as I hear Luke start laughing to himself about who knows what. He’s gotten so much bigger but he’s still so small. Just a little human being. Learning. Developing. Growing.

My mind starts to wonder. Who will he become? Not just will he be healthy, handsome or successful. But who will he become DEEP DOWN? Will he be good and kind? Will he be a dreamer? Will he be strong and independent? Will he be faith-filled? Will he have integrity, mercy and humility? Will he love freely?


As a mother the minute we find out we’re pregnant we begin having dreams for our children. As parents so much lies in our hands about the underlying values that we are teaching them. When I hear stories on the news of teenagers and young adults harming others I can’t help but think about the mothers. Those mothers probably had the same dreams that I have. And now I’m sure they are wondering where did they go wrong? The responsibility is so enormous it can overwhelm. But all we can do is continue to dream…and pray.


Do you ever wonder who your children will become?







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  1. Sara Phillips

    I wonder all the time! I feel like James will be a scientist or a doctor. I am not sure what I think Colin will do. But I do hope they become strong, faith-filled, God-fearing leaders full of love, trust and care.

  2. RachelM

    Love the post, I also wonder all the time about my kiddos and how they will be. I hope they will be kind, compassionate and driven. Maybe one will be a veterinarian and the other an engineer, but as long as they are happy and care about others I will be one happy momma!! : )

    • tori@torijohnsonpr.com

      It’s kind of fun to think about what their career might be! As of two-years-old I think Luke would probably be a race car driver since all he really cares about it cars!


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