I have absolutely LOVED reading all of your nominations for the most deserving mother to win a $50 Target gift card! Some of the nominations have made me cry, some have made me laugh but all of them have made me admire these amazing women that surround us! It’s now time to vote for who you believe is the most deserving!




1. Sara Phillips: I think my mom should win because she is amazing! She supports me in every single thing I do – whether it’s weight loss or blogging or parenting, she is there for me!

2. Meagan: I would like to nominate our mom Jackie Kirkindoll. I don’t know another woman with as much, strength, determination, courage and more importantly love as she. Raising 2 little girls 13 months apart at the age if 21 and still managing to go back to school and finish her degree. Truely an inspiration.

3. Alex: My mother Debbie Kotzur deserves to be nominated. She not only did help her parents raise her 9 brothers and sisters, but also raised 3 of her own children as well. She has so much love to go around!

4. Rebecca Shockley: My beautiful mother Judy! She is the backbone in our family and the last 2 year’s she has been caring for my Dad who has Pancreatic Cancer. She is struggling really hard with life right now and what the future hold’s. I love you Momma! She love’s shopping, so this would make her day!

5. Tammy S.E. I would like to nominate my mother, Kathy Stone. My Mom has to be the strongest woman I know, she took care of my Dad and both of her best friends while all 3 were battling cancer. Sadly, she lost her best friends, but is continuing to keep my Dad healthy and cancer free, and now is helping her younger brother battle cancer. Through all this she helped keep me grounded, and stayed so strong, when most people would have broke. I always tell people, if I can be half as strong, and wonderful as she is, then I’ll be a great person, and someday mother.

6. Brittany: My beautiful mother A’Lisa taught me everything I know about being a Godly woman and wife. She rose above difficult family circumstances growing up, put herself through college, married an amazing man (my dad, with whom she’ll be celebrating 30 years this summer) and now owns her own business. I am proud to call her “mom” and “friend.”

7. Brent Lambert: I would like to nominate my mother Rona Lambert. My mom is my best friend and means the world to me. I am a 22 year old college student and my mom still is my hero. She has been a great mother to me and my three siblings and she is a great person just overall. She is very caring and works very hard to make my families dreams a reality!

8. Natalie Saldana: I would like to nominate my mother, Debbie Saldaña! She is an amazing, hard-working, strong woman. I have learned so much from her and her work ethic, I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for her!

9. Angie Wilson: I would like to nominate my second mother, Jackie Kirkindoll. She made me a part of her family many years ago and has been such an amazing inspiration to me as a wife and mother. She has been through tough times but has always kept a positive attitude. Her faith in God is so strong and it has helped me through various times in my life. She is simply…amazing!

10. Lydia Harpe: I think my mom should win. She was a hardworking business woman until my siblings and I were born and then she made a career change to full time mother and homeschool teacher. As a result, all of us kids have excelled in college and beyond. Thanks Mom!

11. Maureen: My mother, Cecelia LaValley is the most amazing mom and means the world to me. She married my father when I was 17 months old after my mother died in childbirth, raising an infant and three young teenagers! She has taught me everything about what it means to be a mother to my three children and I owe her the world…..

12. Christina: I want to nominate my mom Janet. I think she’s deserving because she chose me and has provided for me unconditionally for 31.5 years. She adores my son and my nieces and truly is the best grandmother.

13. Natalie Parvis: My sister, Lauren Parvis deserves to be nominated. She works so hard to support her family. She is an amazing mother, a nurse, and the best sister anyone could ever ask for. She definitely deserves this.

14. Lilliana Santana: I would love to win it for my mom .She has done so much for me .

15. Julie: My mom deserves to win this because she is the most caring and giving mom.. She takes care of the family and she never complains..Even though we are all grown and out of the house she takes care of my dad and gets them both to the many Dr. appts they have..She is the best!!

16. Michelle Cantu: My Mom has worked – hard all of my life and I have watched her be the bread winner for our family. I grew up praying she would make more time for her kids and drove her crazy with guilt because I thought she was choosing work over her family. Now I see that she was working her butt off as the sole provider for our family. She still works just as hard to care for my father and younger brother. She is very deserving.

17. Stacy: I think Kim Munoz should win this card. She is an incredible mother and friend. She has some tough and often painful days while she waits on the liver transplant list, but you would never know it because she seeks out the good. If there was anyone’s day I would like to brighten, it would be hers. She deserves nothing but happiness. Happy Mother’s Day.

18. Monique Rizzo: I would save it until the end of Summer because back to school will be here before you know it!

19. Kim H: I think my sister who is going through tough times right now.

20. Monica Meza: I think my sister (who raised me since she was 16) should win. She’s been more of a mother to me than my biological mother has ever been and I’ve never been more grateful for having such an amazing woman in my life, who now has a family of five. I’d love to give this as a gift to her, she deserves it.

21. Misha: I want to nominate the stylish and knowledgeable Amanda Gentis! She’s got more mom knowledge in her pinky than a lot of women do in their whole body AND she loves Target almost as much as I do!

22. Erin Ellis: I would like to nominate my Mom, just because she is awesome :o

23. Mercy: well of course I think I should win it just joking I would give some to my whole family if I won

24. Rose Knick: would like to nominate my sister, Chantelle Knick. I am entering this contest to try to win this for her. She has 4 kids at home, a 6 month old, a 5 year old, a 6 year old, and a 15 year old. She has been unable to work due to the cost of daycare, and her husband has been struggling to find steady work. She never has the money she needs to keep up with the basics for her household, and this would really help her out. Even though she has next to nothing, she is the first one to help out others in any way she can.

25. Monique: My mom should win. She worked 3 jobs to supports us kids when we were younger and always had a smile on her face. She is the reason why I am the person I am today. She inspires me to also do better and be as loving, caring, and welcoming as she is. My momma is my hero

26. Laurie: i would like to win this so i could get my mom some new clothes, she does not get out much and getting her out and buying here some new clothes might cheer her up some, winter time is hard on her and she does not get out much.


This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

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  1. Paula Smith

    My vote is for #1. Amazing family and friends! ♡

  2. Jackie

    I vote for #25. Sounds lk a great hardworking mom. Good luck to all


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