I am a super sensitive person and my feelings are hurt very easily. Everyone at some time in their life has been the victim of someone speaking unkindly about them. When you are the recipient of harsh words it feels awful. I’m absolutely TERRIBLE when it comes to confrontations. If someone says something not nice about me I immediately feel the need to try and make them like me. Sometimes I wish I could be one of those people who just doesn’t care what other people think. In some ways I admire people like that. But, alas, that’s just not me.

speaking kindly

I’ll be the first to admit that there has been times in my life where I have said things that I really regret. Things that I have felt were uncalled for and hurtful. What is the worst part is once they are said you can’t take them back.

Recently, I’ve really been trying to be more conscious about what comes out of my mouth (I still slip up but I’m really trying). I keep thinking that I have these little ears listening to me all the time and I want Luke to understand the magnitude of the things that he says. Frequently, I notice that for many couples the longer they are married the more uglier they begin to talk to each other. That is something that really scares me. I want Daddy Russ and I to always be a good example for Luke of a marriage filled with words of encouragement and love. It’s something that I pray about and I’ve really been trying to incorporate it in my daily life. I hope that that we can help Luke understand that words have power…they can hurt but they can also heal.

Now after my outpouring of thoughts…on to some more pictures from our weekend in Austin.


Me getting dressed to go out! Dress is from Apricot Lane and shoes from Audrey Brooke at DSW Shoes.




Jewelry from Charming Charlie.


We stayed at the W Hotel in Austin. It was absolutely incredible…designed perfectly.






Chevron blouse from Evolve Boutique. Fedora from Target.


This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori



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4 Responses

  1. Kristen

    You are awesome Tori! I’m so happy to subscribe to such a fresh and uplifting blog. 🙂

    • tori@torijohnsonpr.com

      Thank you so much for subscribing, Kristen! I love readers just like you!!

  2. Jackie Kirkindoll

    Not only words but tone can be hurtful. I think everyone including myself should be more concious of what they are saying and how it is delivered. Good scripture!

    • tori@torijohnsonpr.com

      That’s really true regarding tone. Sometimes I catch myself raising my tone too much with Luke when I get frustrated. I’m really trying to be more conscious of it.


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