There is nothing like having a sister! Sisters are the people that you can argue with and then pretend the following day that nothing happened. Sisters are the ones that you can text pictures to so they can help you pick out an outfit for a special occasion. Sisters are the people that you can always depend on no matter what. I am so blessed to have TWO sisters. My little sister, Meagan, is 13-months younger than I am (I so don’t know how my mom did it having two girls that close in age). And my older sister, Angie, came in to my life much later when she moved in with my family while she was finishing school. But they are both my sisters none the less.

This past weekend I celebrated a special occasion for each of my sisters. On Saturday, I helped hostess a baby shower for Angie in honor of the upcoming arrival of her new baby girl! We are so grateful to God for this sweet baby and can’t wait to meet her. Then on Sunday I attended the engagement picture session for Meagan and her fiance Alex (wedding coming in October)! I wanted to share with you some pictures from the baby shower and have a full post on Meg’s engagement session coming soon!


All of the hostesses did such a great time making everything look beautiful!


One of the hostesses had a great idea to have a little bow making activity. I loved seeing everyone’s creations!




Decorative tape wrapped around water bottles.


My mom made this amazing punch and one of the hostesses found these adorable pink bottles which she put straws in.


The lady of honor! My big sister, Angie, just looked so beautiful and happy!


My litter sister, Meagan, and I. My blouse is from Apricot Lane. I love the pattern and colors!


My little bow creation! I’d get in so much trouble if I had a girl!

As you can tell we had such a wonderful time! Thank you to all the other lovely hostesses for helping to make such a special day for Angie!

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Tori

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  1. Lori

    I have never seen now making at a baby shower, it’s genius! I love all the decorations. Looks like a successful and fun shower.


      Thank you, Lori! The bow making was so much fun and now I can’t wait to see they baby wearing all of them!

  2. Jessica

    That looks like SO much fun and the decorations are beautiful. So pinterest-worthy! 😉


      Thank you so much! I love doing baby showers!

  3. gmaj

    That was beautiful! I am very happy for Angie and her husband. I imagine little brother will be proud to become a “big”brother!

  4. Nina

    Very cute tori! You guys put together a great looking party. Congrats to your sis!


      Thank you, Nina!! I hope you are doing well!!


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