The seasons are changing. Luke and I can’t be outside enough. I’m constantly taking my computer outside to sit on the deck and work while Luke runs around in the backyard. There is nothing like working on a back porch sipping some ice tea and peeking up over an email to see your son proceed to lie on the ground and roll across the entire back yard. His giggles just fill the world around me and make me so grateful that I’m able to work from home and spend this time with him.

Have I ever mentioned that Daddy Russ loves surprises? This week he was full of them! Early in the week I was incredibly excited to receive a gorgeous bouquet of flowers but the best surprise was yet to come! Luke got a new playhouse and slide! When Luke saw it for the first time he got the biggest grin on his face and literally RAN to it. He then climbed up and slid down no less than 50 times until we finally had to carry him back inside kicking and screaming. I think he would have played on it all night if we would have let him!

Mint Jeans

Don’t you like the ghetto looking “safety barrier” Daddy Russ created!? He’s totally Mr. Safety when it comes to Luke. I love these mint jeans! I’m so happy this color is back this year!

Leopard Sperry Shoes

I have seriously been wearing my new leopard Sperry’s every day! They are so comfy cute!

Leopard Sperry Shoes

Luke likes to sneak in to the pictures!

Mint jeans

Alligator ring

I’m fawning over funky rings right now. Isn’t this little allligator ring so cute?



My breath. My heart. My soul. He is…my life.

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

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  1. Jackie Kirkindoll

    Mamaw loves seeing Luke playing outside so she’s happy he now has a playhouse and slide.

    P.S. Love the mint jeans but I’ve just got to get me some of those leopard sperry topsiders!!


      He just adores it! I can’t wait for you to see him playing on it!

  2. stacy

    A few things, 1) Love the new look of your blog! 2) Those mint jeans are the real deal 3) I want to come work with you and sip tea out on the back deck!


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