Daddy Russ and I were skiing in Red River last week and at one point it was just the two of us and he stopped, looked around at the snowy mountains surrounding us and said quietly, “Wow! It’s so beautiful. I never stop and take the time to just look around.” So many times during our trip I tried to remember to pause and just savor the beauty that was all around us. I’d close my eyes and feel that crisp, cold mountain breeze on my face. I’d listen to the sound of the snow crunching beneath me. And I’d try to…

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Several times during my quiet moments or while riding a chair lift I would feel an abundance of emotions. From feelings of gratitude to God for allowing Russ and I to spend that time together, to thinking of the love that we share for our sweet little boy that was waiting for us at home, to just being aware of LIFE at it’s fullest…

stirring of the heart


We were so lucky that our friend Eric invited us to fly on his plane for the trip. He’s an incredible pilot. So we were able to fly right in to Taos. When you come in to land the mountains are directly in front of you!



Both of these pictures were taken in Taos. The run on the left we had to hike a bit to get to it and then pretty much had to drop in and avoid the rock landmines!


These photos are me with some of our ski instructor friends. Russ and I had the most incredible time skiing with them in Taos. They really challenge us to go down stuff we would never go down by ourselves.


On the way there I gave myself a pretty Essie nail applique manicure!


All the gang enjoying a German lunch in the mountains of Taos!

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

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  1. Nina

    Sounds like a wonderful time, Tori! It’s amazing how nature can just stop you in your tracks with its beauty.


      Thank you!! I wish we could do it all over again!!

  2. Jennifer @ Geek Chic Mama

    It’s always an incredible feeling when life can just overwhelm you in its moments. Taos looks beautiful!


      It really is completely gorgeous!! Makes you love life!


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