Shopping in Aspen is definitely one of a kind. For me, personally, it’s more of a look (and drool) but don’t touch experience. There are so many fabulous shop, including some of the biggest designers, but there is one store that is my absolute FAVORITE…and it goes by the name Kemo Sabe!


When walking the streets of Aspen the name of the store immediately caught my eye. I ventured in and immediately decided that I wasn’t just in any cowboy store. I was in THE cowboy store! As in “The Cowboy Store” where this cattle-family Texas girl starts to purr! Every which way I look there is something that I’m dying to have!


This is my boot haven! They have SO many styles that I would rock any day of the week! Kemo Sabe is so uber-cool that they have their own boot designers who touch almost every boot they offer by choosing skins, stitch and cord patterns to toe style and heel. They feature boots from the most respected names in the industry including Lucchese Classics, Rios of Mercedes, Stallion Boot Company and Old Gringo.


I have been yearning for these Old Gringo Crystal boots since I first saw them last year! I’m determined to have a pair of these one day. For now, this $1,500 price tag is a bit too much for this small business/stay-at-home mom.


For all of you mommies with stylish tots they even have boots for them!! These are definitely ‘awe’ worth!



Kemo Sabe is passionate about hats. They offer custom cowboy hats and will steam and shape it until it fits like a glove.


They also have a drool-worthy jewelry collection to give your wardrobe a little western flair.

I’m the type of gal that will sport my cowboy boots any day of the week. Farm and ranching is IN MY BLOOD so it’s no surprise that I’m in love with this store. Now if we can only get them to come to Texas!

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

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