Daddy Russ and I are officially back in Texas from our vacation in Aspen. We had such a wonderful time together. We also made some great memories with some old and new friends that will never be forgotten. It was so special for Daddy Russ and I to get away and spend some quality time together in such a beautiful setting. We both LOVE skiing so its awesome that we are able to get up on the mountain together and hit the slopes. Of course, many times riding up a lift together we’d look at each other and say, “I miss Luke!” But it’s important for us to continue building our marriage and relationship and goodness knows…Aspen is a great place to do it!!

Here’s some photos captured on my Instagram to give you a look at our trip!


If you didn’t know, Aspen actually has four mountains that you can ski. Aspen Mountain (formerly known as Ajax), Highlands, Buttermilk and Snowmass. I’ve officially skied ALL FOUR MOUNTAINS now!! Whoop! This picture is taken at the top of Aspen Mountain. I LOVED this mountain!

valley 2

Looking over this valley just had me in AWE! God’s creations are just majestic!


This was a never-ending bump run packed full of moguls that Daddy Russ and I did. Talk about a workout!


Self-picture!!! Say, “cheese!”

crowd at highlands

This is at the bottom of Highlands! After a hard day of skiing it’s time for a COCKTAIL!!

tori and lindsey2

My friend, Lindsey, and I all bundled up!

x games

They were getting ready to host X Games on Buttermilk the week after we left. It was insane to see them building all the ramps and everything!

x games 1

I would be scared to walk down this! Much less to ski and JUMP it!

It was my second visit to Aspen and I’ve really fallen in love with the town. From the skiing to the shopping this town has it all!!

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

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      It was breathtaking! I wish I had my big camera on the mountain but I was scared to break it!

  1. Sara Phillips

    HOW FUN!!!! I am so glad you got to spend time with the hubs! I don’t ski (I have NO coordination!), but it does look fun!


      We were definitely due for some time alone so it was much appreciated! Skiing is a blast! You should try it!

  2. Lori

    Awesome pictures! I love to ski but it has been years since I have gone, this makes me want to go soon!!


      My husband and I try to go skiing at least once a year. We can’t get enough and wish we were able to go more often.

  3. Kim

    Wow! So much snow. Its so beautiful though. I’m glad you and the Mr. got some adult time!


      I think since we never see snow in San Antonio it just makes it all the more beautiful when we get to go to the mountains!

  4. al

    i carry my big camera around when skiing in CO, and my family was like ‘don’t do that’!
    guess im a rebel.

    you got nice pics still.


      I seriously wanted to do that but I was terrified I’d crash and ruin my camera!


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