Cross your fingers…I’m on a plane to ASPEN RIGHT NOW!! Daddy Russ and I are headed for a little vacation! Hopefully, I can drag myself out of bed to go skiing! Right now I’m feeling like I’m in need of some MAJOR sleep time! Mommies…how old do your kids have to be before you feel like you are getting enough sleep again? Or does it just never happen?

I actually did this DIY forever long ago but I kind of forgot to do a blog post on it. A couple months ago I did two diy toddler pant crafts. The first was a splatter paint pant which I did a blog post on back in November (click here to see blog post). But I never did the stamped toddler pant! NEVER FEAR!! Here it is so your toddler can rock these cool pants too!


This tutorial is so incredibly easy! Feel free to get the kiddo involved as well!


I made the stamp myself. I just cut a triangle out of some black foam and glued it to a small wooden dowel rod. TA DA!


Go to town and stamp away! Pick any shape of stamp or color of paint!


This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

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  1. Naznin Azeez

    Super duper uber cute!!!.. So simple I can’t believe it!


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