Since this past Thursday its been just little Bubba and I – Daddy Russ is in Miami for the National Championship. Last night after putting Luke in bed I sat down on the couch and realized how quiet it was and how much I really missed Daddy Russ. But Luke and I have been having lots and lots of good mommy and toddler time. He’s turning in to such a mommy’s boy. I’ll walk in to the bedroom to do laundry and all of a sudden he’s playing on the bedroom floor with cars. Then I’ll walk in to the kitchen to do dishes and here he comes to help put the silverware away. It’s so precious how he just likes to be near me. Quite frequently when I’m doing housework, blogging, etc. he’ll talk to me the whole time telling me something “important” in his little toddler babble. Sometimes he’ll just unexpectedly walk over and wrap his little arms around my legs for a hug. Aren’t those UNEXPECTED hugs THE BEST!!?? I truly can never be lonely with this little boy by my side.

We’ve recently been focusing on learning body parts and every time I’d teach Luke where his nose was I’d say, “HONK!” Well, looks like he’s picked it up too (click here for video). I haven’t done a fashion post on my clothes for a while but during some outtings recently I snapped some pics with my iPHONE of me styling some colored tights (not the greatest visual of my outfit but this mommy on-the-go had to make do).


These tights are from Target and I love their color. I styled mine with a pair of black shorts but they’d also look great with skirts or dresses. They are great for those Texas “winter” days that aren’t that cold but still too chilly for bare legs. Some cute black boots keep the tootsies warm.




And, of course, Luke was stylin’ as well. He’s rocking a Baby Gap striped shirt, khaki cargoes, red socks and sneakers from Target.

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori


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6 Responses

  1. christina

    i love colored tights! i have soo many different patterned pairs that i always wear with shorts! soo many missed outfit of the day posts because i have no one to take pics for me 🙁


      I always have the same issue with no one to take pics. I bought a tri-pod which helps but takes FOREVER!

  2. Jen Hatton

    The tights are so fun – I think I will try some soon myself, I recently added red jeans to my wardrobe so I might as well keep up the out of my box with color trend. I also entered the giveaway, I would love to win a jigsaw bracelet because I own nothing similar and they would be really cute dressy or casual.


      I love red jeans!! I bet you look fabulous in them! You should definitely grab you some colored tights! Thank you for entering the giveaway!


      Thank you so much! They are super comfy!


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