It’s time for our next Good List! For those of you who are just joining, every Wednesday in December myself and a group of rockin’ bloggers have linked up to create a blog circle providing you the BEST “Good List” for the holiday season! This week’s theme is, “All That Glitters!” And I am dedicating this blog post to my cousin, LEAH FOSTER! Why, you may ask? Because in Leah’s own words, “Too much is never enough…especially when glitter is involved.” This happens to be something I believe in as well! Not to mention, Leah just adds a bit of sparkle to everyone’s life that she touches! Don’t forget once you finish The Good List here on The sTORIbook be sure to head to the next blog…Hello Misha by clicking here.

I have a pair of glitter flats myself and whenever I’m having a bad day I just slip them on, click my heels, and FEEL FABULOUS! These are a gorgeous pair from J. Crew.

This beautiful sparkly cosmetic bag is filled with lovely fragrance essentials including body lotion, body mist and body wash from Victoria’s Secret.

Get a little bit of sparkle addiction with the iPhone case from Case-Mate.
If you have a New Year’s Eve party coming up this dress from Alice + Olivia is sure to turn heads!

Continue adding sparkle to your day by heading over to Hello Misha!

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

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  1. Jackie Kirkindoll

    I just got my purple blingy top this past weekend!! I cannot wait to wear it along with my new purple straight leg jeans to a couple of upcoming Christmas events.


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