My “big sister” Angie and her son, Cameron, came in town this weekend. It was such a FUN weekend! I always love spending time with Angie and wish I got to see her more. Angie has been a part of my life since I was little. She’s not actually related to me but she is a sister none the less. My family was so lucky to have her live with us when I was younger. She is such a strong and amazing person and I am beyond excited that SHE’S EXPECTING!! We are all thrilled!! Congrats, Angie! I love you!

One of the exciting activities we did this weekend was go to SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration! It was my first time and I can’t wait to go again! In fact, we’ll probably go again this month during the evening so we can see the Christmas lights!

The park has everything decorated so beautifully! There are Christmas lights everywhere along with garland, wrapped presents, Christmas trees and more.

Music can be heard throughout the park as well including mariachi bands, traditional country music bands, saxophone players, choir singers, etc.

The Azul show has been transformed into a “Dolphin Christmas” and is beautiful as always!

You can’t go to SeaWorld without seeing Shamu! Luke loves this show – I think it’s because the whales are so big that he can easily see them.

The whole gang from the front to the back: Cameron, Angie, me, Luke, PawPaw (Mamaw is taking the picture).

Santa is located in the Christmas Market which has a Texas theme to it!

As you can see, Santa didn’t go so well. First of all, we waited in line for a bit and were the next ones to go and he decided to POOP!!! Ahhh!! Well, I wasn’t going to get back in line again so I just decided Santa would have to deal with stinky Luke. Secondly, he was terrified of Santa. As soon as I set him down he started crying! So now we have a sterotypical crying Santa picture. It cracked me up so of course I had to buy it!

Have a Santa letter? Bring it to SeaWorld!!

One of Santa’s cute little helpers. She must have been burnin’ up because it was 80 degrees outside and I was dripping sweat.

Cameron and Luke look so much like their daddies!

They also had their FantaSea all decorated for Christmas filled with characters. This was my favorite activity during SeaWorld’s Howl-o-Scream event that I wrote about back in October (to see post click here). Unfortunately, Luke was also terrified of the characters. As soon as we got close to them he’d start crying! Poor little guy!

As you can see it was a wonderful day and we made lots of memories!!

There is one other very important thing that I want to mention. I am elated that SeaWorld has left the CHRIST in Christmas! It’s not a “holiday celebration,” it’s a “Christmas Celebration!” They also referenced during the Shamu show about the story of the birth of Jesus. I think this is to be commended and applauded! So many companies allow themselves to be commercialized and forget what the true meaning of Christmas is. I will continue to support SeaWorld because of this and I hope you will too!! I wish there were more companies like this!


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This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

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  1. Brittany

    I LOVE your post about SeaWorld! How amazing that they talk about Jesus. It looks like Luke had a blast, even if Santa might be a little scary 🙂

  2. Sara Phillips

    We went to Sea World for their Halloween activities, but haven’t been to the Christmas celebration yet. I can’t wait to visit! It looks like so much fun!


      It was such a blast for kids and adults alike! Hope you are doing well, Tanvi!

  3. Julie

    Your photos are fantastic! So glad you had a good time and many congrats to your “big sister” Angie! IMHO Christmas is my fave time at SeaWorld — and the New Year’s Eve party is great. My kids love it.


      Thank you so much, Julie!! What do they do at the New Year’s Eve event? Is it only on NYE?


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