On Tuesday I was giddy to attend Fashion Week San Antonio’s Emerging Designer Competition. I think it’s so important for this city to support its up-and-coming designers. Additionally, it’s always very exciting to see what new designs they will come up with. Lastly – I actually know LaToya Hudson, one of the designers, and covered her in a previous blog post (to read the blog post click here).

It proved to be a very exciting show worthy of my anticipation! The show featured four emerging designers – Danielle Andrews, Samantha Plasencia, Latoya Hudson and Joey Ramirez. Join me as we look back at the show (and see who won!).


I have a tendency to wear a lot of black and white so I was instantly attracted to Danielle’s collection when she sent this first look down the runway. I thought her collection looked very classy and ready-to-wear.

One of my favorite looks of the entire night! I loved the peplum top with the tailored pant.

My eye was caught on the gorgeous handiwork of this gown’s top.

Most definitely a beautiful collection full of garments that I think every woman would cherish!

Samantha’s collection was called “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.” I like a designer that takes risks and I could definitely see that in her “wow” designs.

Many of her designs had these gorgeous feather neck pieces.

The jaw-dropping look of the night!

LaToya put together an amazing collection! One of the materials that she selected was this beautiful metallic fabric. It made the designs look like they were made of copper.

My picture just doesn’t do this dress justice. I absolutely want one for myself!

LaToya knows how to make women look and feel beautiful! Such a gorgeous collection!

Joey Ramirez was the winner of the design competition. I really liked his collection and also thought he did a great job with styling.

This collection was fun, feminine and a definite crowd-pleaser.

What really blew me away about the whole collection though was the DETAILING. Look at these gorgeous gold studs on the shoulders and the gold zippers on the back.


And I present the winning designer!

As you can tell it was an incredible show! Do you agree with the judges or do you have another favorite? To view more looks from the designers and other pictures from the show visit The sTORIbook Facebook page!

Stay tuned to see what I wore!

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori


4 Responses

  1. Jackie Kirkindoll

    Love the black dress with gold studs and zipper! thanks for covering the fashion show and showing us some of the design ideas right here in SAn antonio.

    • tori@torijohnsonpr.com

      I loved all the gold zippers! They were so chic! We have such talent in SA!

  2. Nina

    I would say that I agree with the winner! I liked his pieces a lot. Looked like a fun show!

    • tori@torijohnsonpr.com

      Thank you, Nina! All the designers were so talented I could have never picked a winner!


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