And last night was another night of broken sleep. Toddler Luke is having SUCH a hard time sleeping through the night still. It’s been about two months now. He wakes up at random hours during the night and then it’s SUPER hard to get him back down. Which means I have had very few nights of solid sleep in quite a while. I just don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve tried everything from crying it out, changing bed times, changing bed time routines, etc. So if any of you have some kind of miracle solution please let me know!!


I’ve recently begun to get a bit obsessed with handbags. Previously when it came to accessories I had a hard time getting past shoes, but lately I’ve been drawn to handbags left and right! Here are a few that I’m really digging right now…



It's in the bag

1. Elaine Turner Metallic Python Mid-Tote – $450 (snakeskin is so hot right now)

2. Reiss Stone Clutch – $285 (Love the chunky stone detailing)

3. J. Crew Satchel – $368 (bright handles – love)

4. Navoh Studded Bag – $118 (cobalt blue with studs – yes, please!)

5. Morgan Parish Clutch – $285 (awesome shade of grey)

6. Zara Clutch Bag – $129 (sexy red!)

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This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

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    Love that j.crew satchel. Tori, my oldest daughter went through a phase like that – and we also tried everything. crying it out, changing bedtimes, letting her sleep with us, us sleeping in there with her (very very briefly), pretty much anything we could think of – and nothing really worked except time. I think it lasted us a few months but eventually (thank goodness!), she grew out of it. My absolute favorite sleep book ever is Ferber’s. I know it can be a bit controversial (although many attribute the “cry it out” method to him…his is actually more of a progressive waiting method) – but it’s very scientific and well researched. It always makes me feel better…no matter what sleep phase we’re in. Good luck. And patience. Pretty soon, this phase will end.


      I’m totally wanting it! Thank you for the support with the non-sleeping child. I so hope he grows out of it (and fast). It’s been about 2 months now so the sooner the better! Need to check out Ferber.

  2. Erica

    I’m loving the J.crew satchel.. “my computer is not letting me use the shift key ugh… that’s why no caps”


      I love that one as well! No worries about the comp! Comment as much as you want!

  3. Ellen

    Toddler sleep issues: Does a wet diaper wake him up? With both my boys, once I was able to solve that issue than they both slept through the night, beautifully. Overnight pullups worked for the oldest and kept him feeling dry (he’s out of them now). However They don’t fit the youngest (2 yo) very well, so I go in during the middle of the night and switch out his diaper while he’s sleeping. However if he wakes first, then I’m definitely romancing him back to sleep.


      Hi Ellen! I think it might be a phase. I don’t want to jinx myself but he’s slept through the night for the past 3 nights! Thank goodness!


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