Look at this cool cat! Luke is now 16-months-old and is full of so much energy that I wish I could bottle it for myself! We have so much fun and he constantly keeps me on my toes (particularly because I’m always having to dash over to grab him from jumping off the top of the couch or diving out of his high chair). This kid has no fear! But what he does have is… STYLE!

Your little boy can have standout style as well! Just grab a couple cool pieces and combine them together! And remember, they don’t have to be the newest name brand! Most of Luke’s clothes are from resale shops!

I like to purchase Luke’s clothes from thrift shops and then jazz up the outfit with accessories – such as this uber-cool hat from Fore! Axel & Hudson.

I think vests on little boys are A-DOR-ABLE! It makes them look like little men!

Chambray, chambray, chambray! I can’t even count how many times I’ve said that word lately! Luke wears this little shirt from Old Navy all the time. It goes perfect between the seasons because it’s so light for hot weather then you can layer it for colder.

So now get up from the computer and start pulling stuff out of the closet to make your own cool combo! Don’t forget you can share it with The sTORIbook on our Facebook page!

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

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    • torijohnson5

      Thank you! The brand, Fore! Axel & Hudson has amazing clothes and accessories. I wait until the end of each season and load up!

  1. Ms. Jolly Blogger

    Great outfit ideas! I think boys’ clothes have taken quite a positive turn from “back then.” Much more thought has gone into making boys clothes more fashion forward and stylish–not so “basic” anymore.

    I agree. Old Navy is one of my regular go-to’s when it comes to shopping for my boys! 🙂

    • torijohnson5

      You are so right! You really can find great items for boys now. I particularly am drawn to the little boy’s clothing that looks like adult clothing.


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