(Writing post on August 16, 2012)

What a day! Mommy Tori just put Luke down for bed (after two attempts) and I am tired! So tired that I’m quite enjoying a cocktail right now (don’t judge)!

Apparently, not only does Mommy Tori have bad days but Luke does too. We definitely have entered Toddlerhood. Luke is very headstrong and when he gets something in his head he doesn’t want anything else. This is a lesson I learned over and over today.

I had a very busy day today preparing for a client’s upcoming TV appearance. So I was shopping for materials and Luke wanted nothing to do with sitting in the basket. Which meant I hauled him all over the stores! We also had our first toy melt down where I literally tucked that little boy under my arm and RAN out the door.

And then the biggie. I was busy making things for the segment and all of a sudden noticed it was quiet (never a good sign in my house). Sure enough, SOMEHOW Luke managed to climb up on the kitchen chairs and grab super glue off the table! Totally didn’t know he was capable of this! Well, he was behind the island munching on a super glue tube! Luckily, he only got a little bit out before I caught him but he still had a bit on him, in his mouth and primarily on my kitchen floor! So I proceed to dig in his mouth to clean it out and SURPRISE – I discover another tooth – which I’m guessing is playing a large part in this day!

Needless to say, it’s been a LONG day! But as I’m sipping my cocktail I know it’s just one of those days that try your patience but luckily at the end of this Thursday there are still cocktails and PROJECT RUNWAY!

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

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  1. Brittany

    Thank goodness he didn’t glue his hands together or his mouth shut! My brother did that once. Not a good day.

  2. Jennifer

    Mommyhood is exhausting, but worth it! Your doing GREAT!!!

  3. Cyn

    *smiles* toddlerhood does have its moments. I’ve gotten to the point that if its out they can get it. Sounds like you have a climber as well. Have fun….the ride has only started. Cocktails….can I have one please? 🙂


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