As I mentioned in my post on Lollapalooza (click here to read it), I was really intrigued by the fashion. Many people were dressed like the casual hippie and quite a few were just plain weird. For Day 1, I went for a comfortable hippie chic with a maxi dress and a fedora to keep the sun out of my face.

I totally think I made a great find with this maxi dress from ZARA! It was perfect to wear on the plane and then head straight to the concert.

So totally a caught-off-guard picture of me that Daddy Russ took but I am scrambling for a full body shot.

I love this fedora because of the feather band. It is really lightweight and goes with everything.

I was instantly drawn to the halter neckline of the dress accented with metal studs and fringe.

I also wore this really neat gold cuff from Urban Outfitters. Another bad picture (sorry).

Me walking along the streets of downtown Chicago!

Do you love maxi dresses and fedoras?

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

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    • torijohnson5

      Ha! I can understand – we have been seeing them quite a bit lately. I just look terrible in other hats so it’s a good option for me personally.

      • RedRoadDiaries

        you look great in it, it just seemed over the last few years they’d multiplied like rabbits and everyone (some who shouldn’t) is wearing one. Just my opinion.

  1. Scribbler

    Lovely Post! I am really tall and I have always wanted to try a maxi dress. Love the beaded collar!

    Adieu, scribbler


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