Hello sTORIbook readers! I am very excited (and a little nervous) to announce that tomorrow I’ll be on WOAI-TV’s morning show, San Antonio Living. I will be discussing with other local bloggers the pressures of being the perfect parent – particularly after the false perceptions that you see on social media.

This is a very important topic that many mothers face today. In fact, it is something that I struggle with. Usually when you visit the sTORIbook you will see those pretty, “perfect” pictures of happy mom and baby. But let me tell you, we are nowhere near perfect in this household! I frequently wear pajamas all day and many times Toddler Luke walks around in his diaper and has issues with throwing food and does on occasion throw fits. But if you look at my blog on most days you won’t see this.

It’s important for all of us, including myself, to understand that social media usually shows extremes. Many times people are emphasizing on the positive and downplaying the negative. Social media and blogs have a tendency to become a stage where people want to display their “happy faces.” Gradually, this can erode on your confidence level when you see these seemingly perfect parents and their well-behaved children.

While looking at this issue I’ve come to realize that even for me it has become a self-imposed pressure and quest for perfectionism with impossibly high standards that I can never hope to achieve.

I, myself, need to accept that it’s impossible to be perfect. I need to let go of unrealistic ambitions that I have of parenting and accept that I will just do the best that I can and put the rest in God’s hands. To Toddler Luke right now I AM perfect.

So…to not continue the “Perfect Mom Paradox” here are some looks in to my not so perfect, unedited life. While future pictures will still probably be me in full makeup, here is that reminder to all of you that I’m not perfect either – and I’m ok with that.

You normally see adorably dressed, smiling Luke. But sometimes we have crying Toddler Luke as well.

The not-so-glamourous, non-fashionista. Laundry in shorts and a t-shirt.

Me on most days – old t-shirt, no makeup with unwashed hair in a pony tail.

Do you feel pressured to be the perfect parent?

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

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  1. gmaj

    Yep, no one can be perfect and it is not a perfect world either! But you still amaze me with everything that you do. Congratulations on your interview tomorrow, I know you will do great!

  2. Jim Foster

    Tori – Love your blog! I do differ in opinion to your statement, “it’s impossible to be perfect”; because you are… Love – dad

  3. Sleeping Should Be Easy

    Tori, so excited for your spot tomorrow on TV! And you know what, you look great even at home. I also love lounging in “house clothes”… tank tops and yoga pants are so much more comfortable than jeans! And as I’m sure you know, my little guy has thrown his fair share of tantrums and crying, sigh. The happier days make up for it, right? Best of luck tomorrow!

  4. shiconthecheap

    I’m not a parent, but my brother is and i can see that raising a child takes tremendous time and effort, but is worth it because psalms says the fruitage of the belly is a gift. congrats on ur tv segment.

  5. Rona Lambert


    I will be watching tomorrow. I’m excited for you. You are an amazing and talented young woman and I am beyond blessed to be your aunt!

  6. Trisha

    Congrats!! Me and Abbie say You will do wonderful and “break a leg”

  7. mamasmorningcup

    I think I may have felt pressure immediately after I had my daughter but then quickly realized perfection is in the eye of the beholder. If you love your kids more than anything, you’ll be more or less perfect by default. Unwashed hair and screaming toddler included.


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