If you ever visit San Antonio you have to be sure to go to SeaWorld and their new waterpark, Aquatica. I’ve been waiting and waiting for Luke to get a bit older to take him so I was uber excited for his first trip! He had so much fun – in fact our entire group did! It’s such an awesome and unique theme park!

By far my favorite thing to do at SeaWorld is to feed the dolphins. Like every girl, I have an obsession with dolphins and on my bucket list is to go swimming with them one day.

I’m not sure what Luke thought about the dolphins. I actually think he might have been a little scared. In fact, one time Mamaw was holding him and a dolphin swam up and he kind of curled in to her and gripped her real hard. Maybe he thought she was going to feed him to the dolphins.

This is my adopted big sister, Angie, and her son, Cameron. Cameron LOVED feeding the dolphins. He’s such a sweetie – he calls me Tia Tori.

Luke was so intrigued by the shows that he pretty much just pointed the whole time. At the Shamu show he was so enthralled that he was literally silent the entire time (which is a VERY rare occasion for him). He just watched and pointed.

It just amazes me what they are able to teach these magnificent animals. Want to see Shamu on camera right now? SeaWorld does a live stream from their San Diego location. Click here to view.

SeaWorld San Antonio had 3 whales performing when we went, including a BABY! It was so adorable and already very smart!

Big finish!

A show defining the word, “cool” is their Cool Vibrations show. It’s a ski show with amazing stunts!

The show only runs during the summer so be sure to catch it soon.

These kids are so talented!

To learn more about the Cool Vibrations show click here.

Another one of my faves is their show, Azul. It is jam packed with coolness including Beluga Whales, White Sided Dolphins, birds and acrobatic performers. The music is beautiful and their intro performer is hilarious and really knows how to get the crowd involved.

As you can see by this face, Luke was really loving Azul. Interestingly, the performers had to stop the show because some of the dolphins decided they didn’t want to leave the front tank. But they smoothly handled it with grace and charm. Of course, everyone understood. To learn more about Azul click here.

Just opened in San Antonio is SeaWorld’s, Aquatica. It’s their new waterpark and is unbelievably awesome!

I mean – just check this out! It’s like a kid’s Heaven! They have slides, a sandy beach with wave pool, animal interactions and so much more. To learn more about Aquatica click here.

There was so much more that we didn’t get to do in one day. We got a season pass so I’m so excited to go back again VERY soon! So expect more blog posts on the awesomeness of Sea World San Antonio!

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

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  1. Jackie Kirkindoll

    Mamaw would never feed her Lukey Poo to the dolphins!! Great pics! We did have a great day at SeaWorld and I cannot wait to go back again hopefully, with PawPaw in tow.

      • mamacravings

        My favorite was Azul.

        Eli (who is 2) loved both of the sea lion shows.

        My husband’s favorite was Shamu.

        They were all great! 🙂

      • torijohnson5

        I wish we could have seen the Sea Lion show but just too much to pack in for one day. Definitely going to do it next time!

      • mamacravings

        We didn’t do Aquatica. We decided if we ever did, we would do a 2 day pass. There was just too much fun for 1 day! 🙂

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