Every child needs a little red wagon! Luke just got his first Radio Flyer from his Mamaw and PawPaw for his birthday. He loves riding in it around the neighborhood with our dog, Havana (aka. Pookie). Luke has now gotten to be a big hit with the neighbors and is quite famous! Everyone comes out to say hello and Luke gives them his big smile and waves..

I just love our walks! Both Luke and the dog are usually hanging over the side.

He just looks like such a little boy now – no more baby.

A Radio Flyer wagon is iconic for childhood.

Pookie Dog is my other baby. She’s about 9-years-old now. She wasn’t too happy when Luke arrived a year ago but now she’s his little buddy.

Sweet little hands.

Did you have a red wagon when you were younger?

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

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  1. saritbronstein

    Hi Tori , Luke reminds me my first baby Dor. His grandparents bought a green big tractor and loved it very much. Every day we went to the park and he drove all the way. One day when we visited his grandparents he put a little cat on his tractor and drove,it was so funny!

  2. Sleeping Mom @ Sleeping Should Be Easy

    My little guy doesn’t have a wagon although it had been on my mind for the longest time to get one. Instead our neighbor gave us a little car that he sits on and we can push him around, so that’s a close substitute!

  3. gmaj

    Too cute!! And to see Luke & Havanna like that is precious!!

  4. deuxchicago

    This is too cute. He looks like a little cherub with those cheeks! Red wagons look like they’ve come a long way since I was little… Those seats look comfy! Hope you have a great holiday weekend 🙂

    • torijohnson5

      They really have! All the seats are convertible and can be set up in different ways to make seats or tables. Thank you for stopping by! Come again soon!


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