San Antonio is such a great city in so many ways, but one of my favorites is that it is surrounded by agriculture. You don’t have to drive far in any direction to find small family farms, organic vegetable crops, orchards, and more.

A couple days ago Luke and I visited with a darling lady named Sally who I met a couple years ago. Sally owns Twelve Oaks Bed & Breakfast in Bulverde, Texas (only about 10 min. from my house). I stayed at Twelve Oaks a couple years ago and remembered Sally making us some delicious eggs from her free-range chickens.

I’ve been switching my family over to local, fresh and organic as much as possible so I knew she would be the perfect person to contact for fresh eggs! Sure enough, she told Luke and I to come on out! It was a gorgeous day and Twelve Oaks is just beautiful!

If you are interested in purchasing some fresh eggs ($5/dozen) from Sally’s free-range chickens – you can visit her website by clicking here or call her at (830) 438-1862.

Sally has a variety of breeds of chickens that she treats like her babies!

The chickens (and one rooster) are very friendly. Luke thought it was a hoot when we sprinkled bread crumbs around him.

The “girls” all come running when Sally calls for them!

The “big man on campus” (the rooster).

Our fresh eggs – don’t you just love all the colors? I’m also really digging my new tribal ring cuff from Evolve Boutique.

Twelve Oaks also has an organic vegetable garden! I want one so bad!

These tomato plants made me crave a Caprese Salad with fresh mozzarella.

Twelve Oaks is a beautiful property with a picturesque B&B, rustic gazebo and towering oak trees. Thank you, Sally, for letting Luke and I stop by! We’ll be back soon!

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

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  1. Sleeping Mom @ Sleeping Should Be Easy

    So glad to see another supporter of fresh produce and eggs! My mother in law raised some chickens in her backyard, and if you crack open the eggs from her chickens, the yolks were always this amazingly bright orange compared to the pastel yellow you find at the grocery store. The chickens ate natural things so their yolks were so much more nutritious.

  2. Jackie Kirkindoll

    I really enjoyed this post. Let me know if you & Luke make a trip back to Twelve Oaks on a Saturday. I’d like to go with you.

  3. gmaj

    How neat! Loved the pictures. That little Luke is not afraid of anything, is he!


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