We are definitely going to get our money’s worth on our zoo pass this year! Mamaw and PawPaw decided they wanted to take Luke so off we went to the San Antonio Zoo for our 2nd time in two weeks!

The great thing about a zoo pass is you don’t feel like you have to do the ENTIRE zoo at one time. We’ll go and choose a couple exhibits, walk around the river or maybe have a picnic in the park. This time we went to flight school – Caterpillar Flight School that is!

The Butterfly Exhibit is open from March through November and is a delight! They have a green house setup with a variety of plants, flowers and 15-20 different species of butterflies.

I loved the tranquility of the butterfly garden. I was surrounded by vegetation with butterflies lazing on flowers or flying around your head.

Luke is all about pointing right now. He was precious pointing out all the butterflies and flowers that caught his eye.

This beauty landed right in front of us on a flower hanging across the path.

This one reminded me of a tiger with its orange, black and white stripes.

These were brilliant! A zoo worker informed us that they are called Lion’s Tail.

I just adore this photo – Luke and I in our own secret garden.

Say, “Caterpillars!”

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

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  1. golappan

    Crystal clear clarity in pics…lovely!!! Cute kiddu; both mom n kiddu are environment friendly or wat ?? with Green ??? lol 😉


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