Every morning my alarm (aka. Baby Luke) goes off at a different time. It’s usually around 7ish but occasionally, like yesterday, it went off at 5:30am! Prior to motherhood I was NOT a morning person (basically everyone knew don’t talk to me or expect me to do anything that requires brain function). But strangely now it’s become the hours that I love the most.

After his morning bottle, he likes to play by himself and then I jump in to my morning routine: tea pot on the stove, kitchen window blinds open, computer on and blogging here I come! We have a perfectly good office but instead every morning you’ll find me typing away at the kitchen table.

I always set up my laptop to face a bunch of windows so I can enjoy the soft morning light and sip my newest tea while answering comments on thesTORIbook and coming up with a new topic for the day. Many times I’ll look down and Luke has brought his (very many) toy cars into the kitchen and has parked them next to me. At least once during the morning I’ll feel his little hand tap me on the leg and let me know he wants to see what I’m doing (he thinks he’s my editor). After a quick review of my work and a slobbery, four-tooth grin – down he goes again to play. Yes, this is definitely me in a happy place!

My morning tea yesterday. I love German rock sugar from Teavana. It is a fun way to sweeten your tea without overpowering it and the best part – it is unprocessed. (For those of you readers in San Antonio they just opened a Teavana at The Shops at La Cantera).

My “office desk.” My dishes are Mikasa French Countryside.

I just won my sugar and creamer set on an eBay auction! I love the sugar caddies little scalloped edges.

Lovely little creamer with an adorable footed base.

My editor ready to proof-read.

How do you enjoy your mornings?

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori.

8 Responses

  1. Jacqueline Kirkindoll

    There’s nothing like using a creamer & sugar set. May be old school but I put it in the pampering category. P.S. Mamaw Loves her Lukey Poo!

  2. Cassie

    Your mornings sound so peaceful! I’m a tea lover as well. You have one adorable little guy.

    • torijohnson5

      Thank you! He’s getting close to a year now so he can finally play on his own a bit which really helps. Of course there is still lots of toy banging, yelling at the dog and baby gibberish but it’s funny how you can kind of lower the volume on it all.

  3. shmooples

    Precious! I love mornings with my little one too. We spend some time “chatting” and smiling at each other in bed after a feeding.

  4. joyandsunshine

    From one tea lover to another, I really enjoyed this post! Your dishes are beautiful, and the fact that you use multiple pieces is so decadent; I’m going to have to try that. Little luxuries are so important 🙂


    • torijohnson5

      Thank you so much regarding the post and the dishes. So true about little luxuries! It really makes me feel “fancy” to use all of them!


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