Eye-catching with tribal qualities – Gather Jewelry is inspired! The line is handmade in California with “an emphasis on the earthly and spiritual properties of the materials used.”

Fantastic Quartz Crystal Tetrahedron Earrings.

I always love a good ring that can double as a weapon! Quartz Crystal Pyramid Ring – Oxidized Sterling Silver.

Great for layering or as a stand-alone piece. Naturally Shed Deer Antler Necklace.

Strong and powerful. Quarter Moon Breastplate and Turquoise Necklace.

I’m a sucker for beautiful packaging! I really think the simpleness of this represents the brand.

I just had to share their  “About Us” as it is whimisical and takes you on a journey of appreciating the gifts from the Earth.

In the gold-rushed foothills the rich and fertile land still gives.

Mysteries & a vision of healing haunts a glittering new world: that is where they live.

They lay out on warm rocks.

They trace the Ridge against the sky.

They are thankful for the small glories before them and the river, always the river.

And when days are done they can be found in their forest-shaded homes weaving together what they’ve discovered (while little creature friends stir about the house, mischievously demanding attention).

As darkness settles, it is time for secret rituals.

It is time to quietly commune with the ancient past and peer into distant, electrifying futures. 

In the process of making their wares, Gather Jewelers consult the stars, sing old folk songs, run about the house naked and then sleep real sound.

To visit Gather Jewelry on Etsy click here. To visit their Website click here

What’s your favorite piece?

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  1. Sleeping Mom

    I have to agree—their packaging is really cute! I’m also a fan of good packaging design (good design in general) and am easily swayed by how something looks on the outside.


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