Talk about fun! I stripped Luke down to his diaper, laid out some plastic table cloths and a poster board, gave him some non-toxic paint and let him go to town!

He absolutely loved it! He smacked the paint, slid across it, smeared it, kicked it, and even ate a bit. The neighbors thought it was hilarious and Luke had several onlookers.

The result was a beautiful and colorful painting and a very messy and happy baby! I highly recommend this activity for your baby. A couple recommendations:

  • Do the painting outside (you don’t want paint splattered all over your kitchen).
  • Purchase non-toxic paint that washes off with soap and water. (I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby).
  • Wear junky clothes (not only will baby be covered in paint, so will you).
  • Keep the camera at hand!

To view more photos of Luke – The Artist click here.

Do you have any fun and unique ideas of activities to do with toddlers? If so, please share and it may be featured on thesTORIbook!

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori.


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