I have been refusing to get Luke’s hair cut for awhile now. For some reason it just makes him seem like he’s no longer my little baby anymore. Finally yesterday morning I realized my son officially had a mullet! Daddy Russ kept saying he was starting to look like a “hippy from Austin” (we’re Aggies if you didn’t know). I knew I couldn’t hold out any longer. So with a quick call to my friend Mrs. W. about where to take him, off we went to Sharkey’s located at HWY 281 and HWY 1604 in the Legacy Shopping Center!

I was a bit worried about how the whole event was going to go over. I mean, Luke is constantly in motion – how in the world were they going to be able to cut his hair?! Well, I was completely surprised! Not only did Luke sit still but he was such a good boy! I, of course, played Mama Paparazzi and took a bizillion pictures in the span of 5 minutes. All in all, it was a fun experience (though a bit pricey – they charge $18.95 for a baby haircut).

When Daddy Russ came home from work later that day he scooped Luke up and said, “Now that’s a good Aggie boy haircut!”

Following are some pictures of the momentous event! To view a quick video click here.

hair cut 1

hair cut 2

hair cut 3


hair cut 4

hair cut 5

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori.

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  1. Rashida Tayabali

    Reminds me of the first time my little boy got a haircut though it was no barber but his own dad who decided to trim his hair – he had a mullet too! I was hesitant for the same reason,that he wasn’t my little baby anymore. Surprisingly, daddy did a great job and now I love his tidy hair. Your little one looks adorable with his new haircut!

    • torijohnson5

      Go Dad! That’s great! I was just telling my hubby I need to learn how to cut Luke’s hair. Thank you for stopping by!

  2. aminoacids

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