A gigantic whirlwind full of L’s: love, laughter and loudness – that is our life with Luke! He’s fully mobile and if he’s awake he’s moving. Crawling down the hall, chasing (and yelling) at the dog, banging cars on the furniture – he’s ALL boy! Which means mom never sits still. He’s definitely a handful but provides lots of entertainment. We quickly learned that he absolutely is obsessed with doorstops. Some how the little guy figured out how to unscrew them from the wall which means we’ve gone all over our house and removed them. But it never fails that every now and then he’ll turn up with a new one – whether we missed removing it off the wall or he’s stashed it somewhere I’m not quite sure. Yes, he’s a little pirate – he hides all kinds of things including cars and doorstops. I have a feeling this developed because of mom taking doorstops away from him.

He’s still a pretty big boy (height – 75th percentile and weight – 50th percentile). He just loves his Daddy now. As soon as Russ walks in the door from work, Luke crawls as fast as he can to the door laughing and jibbering the whole time until he finds his Dad. Then he’ll grab on to his pants leg and put his arms up to be held.

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

9-Month-Old Stats

Weight: 20 lbs. 8 oz.

Height: 29 in.

Highlights from the Past Month:

  • Started crawling (8 Months). To see a video of his first crawl click here. To see a video of him in full motion now click here.
  • Can grab on to things and pull himself in to standing position. To see a video click here.
  • Got his first tooth (now has three).
  • Will now crawl over to Russ or I and hold his arms up to be picked up.
  • Learned how to throw fits! Here is a picture of him throwing his first actual lie down on the floor and cry. I couldn’t help but laugh and when he saw me he turned himself the other way so he wasn’t facing me and cried even louder.

  • Hates when mom is in the shower and will bang on the door and cry until she gets out.


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