Many of you have heard me talk before about my friend the decorator extraordinaire, Mrs. W. She has an amazing eye for anything related to decorating and is constantly finding new ideas and designers to incorporate in her work.

It was due to her that I was introduced to today’s Etsy Enamourment, a wonderful mom and daughter store called Martha and Ash. They make beautiful items for your home such as: drapery and pillows and even dog beds! They can make all kinds of custom items but I particularly love the unique fabrics they use.

To visit their shop on Etsy click here.

To visit their Website click here.

In love with these striped curtain panels.

Beautiful geometric pillows.

Cute, comfy dog beds.

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  1. Cliff

    How are you ?torijohnson5I I spotted your blog on Yahoo the other day and I am rather thankful that I did!
    I honestly appreciate your blogging approach and details that you create.
    I will bookmark your site for future reference!
    Thanks much torijohnson5 for Etsy Enamourment: Martha & Ash « The sTORIbook, a great blog post!


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