When I was little my mom would load up my little sister and I and take us to our local library. I can still remember the excitement of getting my first library card and picking out my own books because that meant I was a “big girl.”I am a huge proponent of reading to your children. A running commentary with your child is so important and reading is a great way to encourage verbal interaction. Reading assists in developing your child’s communication skills and vocabulary as well as stimulating their imagination. Additionally, it is a wonderful time to bond with your baby.

I, personally, believe that a baby is never too young to read to them. Even if it’s just for a few minutes a day. I read a very informative and interesting book by Jim Trelease called The Read Aloud Handbook. I highly recommend this book as it includes a variety of studies about reading to children as well as has good lists of books for all ages.

The library is also a very economical activity to keep your child entertained. Many local libraries have all kinds of free programs, activities and crafts. Luke and I attend the Baby Time at the Parman Library at Stone Oak once a week. Baby Time is a free series of classes where you can take your baby in to sing songs, read books and play with other children. Luke seems to have so much fun with the other kids and it also gives me the opportunity to meet other mothers.

Reading sparks the imagination. Assist your children in opening doors to the adventures that lie in books.

For a list of books by age recommended for children click here.

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

Luke reading his books during Baby Time.

He looked so cute in his little hat and striped shirt. The hat is from Gap and the shirt I got at a local resale shop.

At another Baby Time reading multiple books at a time!

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