Pinterest is wonderfully packed with all kinds of holiday DIY ideas right now! One of my favorites was making your own burlap garland. You can pretty much do it for any holiday and change your saying. I chose to make one with “Gather” on it because I thought it could work for all kinds of holidays.


  • Half a yard of burlap (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby in the fabric department)
  • White and black paint (I used black paint but I think I would have liked a dark brown better)
  • Paint brush
  • Stencils for the letters that you need
  • Twine
  • Cardstock
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Fabric pen



  • Cut a triangle in your cardstock to use a stencil.
  • Using your stencil and fabric pen trace the number of triangles you will need on your burlap. One triangle for each letter.

Trace your triangles on the burlap

  • Cut out each triangle.

  • Paint your burlap triangles white. It looks better if your don’t do an even coat but make it a bit blotchy instead. Let dry.

Paint your burlap triangles white

  • Place your triangle on something you don’t mind painting on. Then using your stencils, paint your letters in the center of each triangle. Let dry.

Use stencils to paint letters

  • Take your dried triangles and hot glue them along the twine. Make sure you are gluing them in the correct order.

Glue triangles to twine

  • Cut the end of your twine and hang!
  • I’ve also seen a version where people put glitter in their paint which was gorgeous for Christmas!

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  1. tee

    Love this…great job…just confused of what part is painted white…thanks for sharing!


      Hi!! I apologize. These picture, unfortunately, aren’t that great so it is tough to see the white. Basically, I lightly brushed white across the entire burlap triangle. Then the black letter were painted on top. I need to redo this blog post with some better pictures!! Come back again soon!


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