Luke had his 4-month-old check-up today! I have to say this age has been my favorite so far. It seems like every day he’s learning something new.

4-Month-Old Stats

Weight: 16 lbs.

Height: 24.6 in.

Highlights From Past Month:

  • He is able to sit up when assisted (he’s so funny sitting in his Bumbo, aka. Torture Chamber as Daddy Russ calls it).

  • He rolled over for the first time from his tummy to his back exactly at 4 months. Best yet – I got it on camera!! I could tell he was really close that day so I got my camera out and taped over and over again. Probably took about 50 videos in order to catch it. To see video click here.
  • Anything that he can get his hands on immediately goes in his mouth!

  • He knows who his parents are and is constantly gracing us with his little gummy smiles. He’s very happy and is always talking and laughing it up!
  • He’s started to sleep through the night sometimes but usually has about one feeding per night.
  • He discovered his feet a couple weeks ago and looks like a little ball when he grabs them.

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  1. Joyce Foster

    SO cute! That video was precious. Havanna looked like she was wondering what was going on;maybe she wanted to help him out!


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