OK – so maybe I haven’t kept this a very good secret but I am a resale shopaholic! Baby clothes are pretty expensive and they grow out of them faster than you can blink. I love clothes so of course my love of clothes immediately transformed to my love of BABY CLOTHES!

After quickly spending my budget on only a few outfits for Luke I decide that I was going to try out a resale shop. I’d never been to one before but another friend of mine told me you could get really great stuff. And she was right!

The first one I visited has become my absolute favorite – Once Upon A Child off of Thousand Oaks in San Antonio. When I walked in I was in heaven! There are rows and rows of baby clothes. Many of which are just a $1.50 and you can’t even tell if they’ve been worn before! You can even find brand names with the tags still on them!

In addition to clothing they also have other items like pack-n-plays, bouncies, strollers, etc. My mom actually went and purchased a couple items so that I don’t have to pack up so much stuff when Luke and I go to Mamaw’s and Pawpaw’s!

One quick tip for shoppers: go to resale shops on the nicer side of town because they get better donations. Here are a couple of my favorite outfits that I got at the resale store.

Happy shopping!

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