Fellow shoe lovers, even though it’s over a 100 degrees outside here in San Antonio people have been talking Fall/Winter 2011 trends for quite a while so I wanted to help get us all up to speed. So curl up in your closet and check out the upcoming shoe trends. I’ve provided shoes that follow these trends but are more affordable for mommies on a budget.

The runways were packed with a wide variety of looks so there is fabulousness for every girl. Some good news is you could see both pointy or round toes so you can wear whichever you prefer. Another trend that’s back are wedges and platforms. I love pretty much any and all platforms but I’m really particular about wedges. I have skinny ankles so sometimes wedges have a tendency to look like I’m walking around with boulders strapped to my feet.

Jessica Simpson $98, www.jessicasimpsoncollections.com

I really enjoy shoes with different textures so lucky me that reptile skin is in this season.

Michael Kors $160, www.dillards.com

Another popular texture was suede. I love this material because it has a tendency to give shoes a rich feel no matter what color they are in.

Nine West $149, www.ninewest.com

A trend that you have to be careful with but is really neat is lacing. Watch out though or you could end up looking like a “two bit hussy.”

Those itty bitty models were also clunking around on chunky heels. I like this trend because you really see the creativity of the designer.

Aldo $37.49, www.aldo.com

For those of you who prefer classic silhouettes, romantic ankle-strap pumps also graced us with their appearance.

RSVP $79, www.zappos.com

Finally, I saved one of my favorites for last – glitzy heels. I love the hint of sparkle that you get with these shoes without looking like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.

BCBGirls $114.99, www.heels.com

I have to get this in because it is MY blog and I get to say what I want but there is one trend I can not stand – pumps with socks. This made an appearance last season and I still abhore it.

Alrighty ladies, time to get shopping. Please let me know what you think of these trends by commenting below.

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