This Classic Combo Will Be Your New Favorite Outfit

Does anybody else have those days where they just can't decide what to wear? I'm was guilty of trying on 17 different outfits when getting ready, but not anymore! This classic combo has been my go-to on any given day when I'm in a rush and need to get out ...
how to style a kimono

How To Style A Kimono

Congratulations mamas! We did it! We have officially survived summer! I was having some major mixed feelings about back-to-school. On one hand I was definitely excited to not have kids running around me as I attempted to work every day but there is also a whol...
doubt in faith

Having Doubts in Faith

Lately I've felt a quieting in my faith. I'm not sure what else to really call it. I just haven't felt the fire inside me. It's led to questioning, searching and even... doubt. To be honest - I've been a bit ashamed and frightened of it. Almost feeling a sligh...

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