Legacy Farmer’s Market & The Great Storm Cloud

Monday, April 16, 2012

My family was in desperate need for some fresh veggies and fruit yesterday and it was also time for me to open Luke’s Baby Food Making Factory for the month. Even though a huge line of storms was coming our way I grabbed my rain coat, put Daddy Russ in charge of Baby Luke and ran to the Legacy Farmer’s Market up the highway.

The whole time I was driving there I could see this massive line of dark clouds in the distance and just kept hoping the weather would hold. Luckily, I was pretty much able to do all my shopping before WHOOSH!! The wind picked up, tents started blowing away, vendors were grabbing everything they could, shoppers went running for cars – basically absolute chaos broke out. I quickly tucked my head and hugged my bags to my chest and dashed to my car as well.

Minus the excitement of the storm, it is a really nice, simple farmer’s market. The people are friendly and there is a little bit of everything you expect at a farmer’s market (plants, flowers, veggies, fruits, food, handmade wares). There was also a couple food trucks so it’s perfect to take the family around lunch for a bite to eat while mom takes care of her shopping.

I’m definitely planning on returning soon – this time with Baby Luke! To learn more about the Legacy Outdoor Market click here. To follow Legacy Outdoor Market on Facebook click here.

On my to-do list is to make a little herb garden. (From Have Spade, Will Travel)

Mouthwatering strawberries from Poteet, Texas. (From Boacon Farms)

I loved the way the vegetable colors jumped at you from their little white and blue baskets. (From Boacon Farms)

I used carrots in a variety of Luke’s recipes for this month’s meals. (From Boacon Farms)

Don’t these just make you want to sink your teeth in to them? (From Peralta Farms)

I was so intrigued to learn there was an olive ranch in Texas! Texas Olive Ranch out of Carrizo Springs produces delicious olive oils and balsamic vinegars.

They offer a variety of flavor-infused olive oils including: Mesquite, Rattlesnake Cracked Pepper & Chipotle and Rio Orange. Oh, and by the way, to sample an olive oil you just take a shot of it!

To visit Texas Olive Ranch on Facebook click here.

Amazing organic shea butter from Hempsense Organics out of Canyon, Texas. The camera loved how all the packaging was different colors!

Handmade hemp soap with “superfoods” Himalayan salt, organic hemp oil, cocao butter and coconut oil.

A winged shopper.

What is your favorite thing to purchase at your local farmer’s market?

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

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  • Joyce Foster

    Maybe we can make a trip there in the future?! Looks wonderful. By the way, I think Little Luke might be getting something you refused to eat, at least when you were a couple of years older that him! Your mom had to “sneak” grated carrots in meatloaf Did you know that?!! he he

  • Sleeping Mom

    As you know, I love farmers markets too ;) I think an herb garden would be awesome, especially since they tend to last long and are so useful. Love your photos, especially the first one!

    • torijohnson5

      I’ve been wanting to do a mini herb garden for forever but it just seems to keep getting pushed down my list. Hopefully this month! Thank you re. the photos. Really been trying to practice with my camera!

  • tomorrowswisdom

    I love farmer’s market too. In Kitchener-Waterloo (Ontario, Canada), we have a really good one downtown Kitchener and a more famous one in St. Jacob’s. I wish I have more time to visit them. However, we still get local produce from a friend who owns an organic farm. Over the winter, we’ve been getting a lot of root vegetables and I’ve never really worked with any of them until this winter! The vegetable that I am loving the most is beets right now!

    • torijohnson5

      How awesome to have a friend that owns an organic farm! That would really come in handy! I haven’t given Baby Luke beets yet – need to try that one soon and see what he thinks!

  • redvelvet101

    Great photos- I just love farmers markets, and around my home the stall holders are always very friendly and keen to stop for a chat! Bye, E

  • joyfitnessandstyle

    Wow, think I need to take a trip down to Texas and visit this market! This looks like it’s the same one that was on Top Chef – looks amazing!! :)

  • Kim

    We are vendors at Lakeway Commons Farmers Market every week and we’ve been there since the start. We go every week for the feeling as much as the sales. Don’t get me wrong, we love selling Gourmet Texas Pasta where ever we can, but some markets, like this one, just feel like home. It’s not just food:it’s family and community. It’s taking care of each other in all kinds of ways.

    • torijohnson5

      I’ve never heard of this farmer’s market. Is it in Austin? It sounds like one I definitely need to visit!

      • Kim

        It IS in Austin. It’s on 620 in Lakeway, far north Austin. A beautiful drive, for sure. My apologies about my post. When the traffic doesn’t keep us away, we try to do the Legacy Market, too, because we love Dan and the bunch there. I got me LFMs befuzzled. Another GREAT market to check out is the New Braunfels Farm to Market every Saturday 9-1. Ron, Frank and the crew have developed a very strong, amazing market that I really think ranks in the best I’ve ever enjoyed. And since I go to 5-6 markets a week, I’ve got some experience.

        • torijohnson5

          I’m so glad you commented so now we can have a road trip up there. I definitely want to do New Braunfels as well. Please keep the recommendations coming!

          • Kim

            Tori, I spend my week days making pasta and my weekends selling it all around the area. What kinds of adventures are you interested in? I go to farmers markets, Market Days-type events, food shows, wine shows, etc.. If there’s a chance to tell people about my whole-wheat, flavored pasta, I’m there.

          • torijohnson5

            Sounds like very exciting weeks and weekends! I’m interested in all of it. I love bringing new activities to my readers. Particularly many of my readers are mothers looking for things to do with their families, organic foods, and handmade wares. I’d love to chat with you on your pastas and recommendations. Could you e-mail me at tori@torijohnsonpr.com so we can take the convo offline?

  • Raquel

    hi Tori !! I really love your websites and your pictures! I would like to ask you permission to use 3 of them (2nd, 3rd and 4th) for a video about a produce market.. thanks!!

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